About Us

Natural Surroundings interior plant design and landscapes has beautified spaces and detoxified the air through the power of green plants for over 15 years.

Our goal is to create better lifestyles through beautiful and natural surroundings that blend the serenity nature into our client’s everyday world. The Natural Surroundings interior landscape artists are dedicated professionals, each passionate about the integrity and quality of their designs.

How we work with you

Whether you are looking for plant designs for an office, hotel, or residence, we will provide you with greenery that both stimulate the senses and enhances your environment.

The goal of our initial free consultation is to fully understand the vision of your brand, allowing us to carefully select plants that reflect your overall vision. By listening to your ideas, we then design an environment to satisfy your hearts desire, working within real-world budgets, property lines, and feasibility plans to make your design project come true.

Customized Design Packages

Our complete landscape package includes:

  • Your free interior plant design and concept
  • Exterior pots, as needed
  • Custom plant selection
  • Feasibility, specifications, budgets, and procurement
  • Installation and ongoing maintenance

Who We Serve

Our clients include corporate businesses, the hospitality industry, property management companies, developers, architects and residential homes from Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and parts of Los Angeles County, including Malibu.

From single reception containers to lavish planting displays in atriums, Naturals Surroundings helps select plants to break up spaces, reduce noise levels, and lead to happier and more productive environment.

Our creative design aims for maximum visual impact with minimum front-end and maintenance costs.

When I started working at our Westlake Village office in 2007, we had no greenery in our office. We interviewed several “plant people” and liked Susan’s approach best of all. She has been caring for our plants ever since. Keeping the plants healthy does not encompass all that she does: she helped us select the plants and containers, she has an eye for what looks best in our office, and knows which plants will thrive. The few times we have had plants that did not fare well, she has been quick to swap them out. What a difference she has made in our office!

Janet Dart
Alston & Bird LLP