Orchids & Seasonal Flower Program


Orchids are a cost effective alternative to cut flowers. We offer customized orchid arrangements specially designed to suit a variety of styles and decors.

Our Orchids are mixed with interesting foliage and branches that will beautifully impact to your space. Exotic orchids give color and elegance to any room or office. You will receive nine orchid displays through-out the year, guaranteeing full colorful blooms are always in sight.

Flower Program


We’ll help choose from hundreds of different colors and varieties of bromeliads to suit your décor. You will receive a new bromeliad every two months, six times a year, ensuring the blooms are always showing.

Seasonal Flowers

We will coordinate a rotation of 15 potted flowers to match the season though-out the year. Bright bells of Lilies at Easter, colorful Mums in the fall, the delicate flowered Poinsettias in December, and huge pommed Hydrangeas in the summer, as well as succulent Kalanchoes, tropical Bromeliads, and others. The seasonal flower rotation will guarantee a changing color palette, all year long.